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Do you should control Kodi remotely, however are not delighted with the default push-button control option? Numerous alternative Kodi remotes are around, falling under various classifications. Allow's have a look at readily available services so you could discover the very best Kodi remote for you.
The 8 Types of Kodi Remote
The Kodi remote you're currently using is among these typical kinds. Which one is it, and just what is on offer if you determine to switch over?
MCE Remotes: Instruments suitable with the Windows Media Center Version (a variation of Windows 7) criterion could be utilized on Kodi.
Wireless and Bluetooth remotes: Various cordless as well as Bluetooth remotes are available that must keep up Kodi.
CEC-Compatible remotes: With a boosting number of HDTVs, the remote could in fact control Kodi!
Game controllers: Whether you're running Kodi on your game console or not, a controller can be made use of if suitable.
Smartphone or tablet: This will usually be through an app, although Kodi could show a remote interface over HTTP.
Residence automation: Voice-controlled home automation options could be made use of to control Kodi.
Voice control: Some applications have been developed that offer allow voice-based navigating of Kodi.
Key-board: Finally, you have the option of a standard key-board.

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